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We are free-lance photographers that take on diverse photo assignments. Whether you have a standard or a very challenging project (of any scope) give us a call to discuss your needs.  We are happy to share our expertise to make your images reflect who you are and keep the memory alive for decades.  

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Images that define YOU

We Love Weddings!

There are three main styles of wedding photography: Traditional, Photojournalist and Artistic. Each style will change the way your finished images look.  Due to the subjective nature of photography, it is vital to choose a photographer who shoots in the style you want or a combination of styles.  It is also vital that you give some thought to what it is you really want.  We can work with any vision you have for your special day.  We will offer you ideas to assist in making your planning and your needs become a reality.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Using this style, the photographer is heavily involved and is seen as a type of coordinator as they assist in guiding and directing the wedding poses.  In general, the 20/20 philosophy is to capture real moments and to remain as unnoticed as possible

Wedding Photojournalism
This is a story-telling style of wedding photography that involves minimal involvement on the part of the photographer. A photojournalistic wedding photographer allows all of the moments
to unfold around them while they just naturally use their creative eye to capture and interpret those moments through their camera.

Fine-Art Wedding Photography

In this style the photographer uses their “creative license ” using artistic angles, innovative lighting, unique compositions and advanced post-production techniques to create imagery with a much stronger artistic flare.

Fashion Wedding Photography

For corporate purposes,  Fashion photography is a genre of photography that focuses around displaying wedding clothing and other fashion items for commercial and merchandising purposes.  20/20 is happy to take photos for business brochures, websites, online marketing and more.


In general, our philosophy is to  capture real moments and to remain as unnoticed as possible on the couples big day !



Gord was a professional football referee and coach.  His knowledge of the game helps him anticipate the next play to capture the perfect shot.  He has camera equipment to deal with any lighting and weather conditions so that he doesn’t miss the action!


We are Sports Fanatics!

Spectators have action replays but sports photographers only have
a split second and a camera.  Gord is renowned for his work shooting sports, football in particular, to produce action photos that excite us again and again.

Gord knows his job is to provide depth and context as well as capturing the action.  His images capture more than the moment but the sum of the emotions of an event; a combination of all factors into one great, memorable image.  When you re-live the emotion of that moment every time you look at that image - you know you have a great photograph!

Gord photographs a large variety of sports at all levels from pee wee to varsity and professional sports.  He believes that to do his job well requires just as much an understanding of what’s going on in the field as understanding the camera.  Gord knows that if you can anticipate what’s about to happen, your can move into position and capture it.

Gord has had coaching experience with several sports and was an official referee for all levels of football and on an international level for basketball.  This experience allows him to see the game from a different perspective than that of the bleacher crowd and helps him to help the spectator to see what he sees.


While animal portraits are sometimes a challenge, Gord’s ease around animals quickly establishes their cooperation.  Gord sees things from the animals point of view and the result captures the essence of your pet.


Pets Are Us!

One of the key factors of animal portraiture is to love the subject.

Gord is an animal lover and has owned pets all his life.  Currently, Gord owns two dogs and a cat. One of these dogs is a house pet and the other is a highly-trained forensic search dog (working at the scene of a fire to ascertain the cause, such as arsen).  Gord has trained many hours to be a professional dog handler and has had a lot of on the scene experience in the last few years.  

Whether your animal is a companion or a working animal, Gord is comfortable with them and can read their body language including any signs of stress.  Gord will elicit your pets cooperation by gently earning the animals trust.

Animal portraits need to capture not only the perfect pet pose, exposure, backdrop, lighting but, most importantly, illuminate the soul (or spirit) of the animal and, of coarse, to highlight the animals meaning to his owner.

Gord works with patience and is never in a hurry to capture the perfect shot and it’s worth it!

Portrait Photography


Gord has all the lighting equipment, lenses and green screens to do indoor portrait work but he is also adept at the more challenging outdoor photo shoots where weather and light conditions are to be mastered by skill, techniques and some tricks of the trade.


Portrait photography of a person or group of people (whether in a studio or on location) must capture the personality of the subjects or group by using effective lighting, backdrops, poses and much, much, more.  

Of great importance is the rapport between the photographer and the subject of the photograph.  If the client(s) aren’t comfortable, the image will not reflect what they should.  Gord is very personable and quickly relates with people to put them at ease.  He uses humour and communicates what he is trying to accomplish.  Client input is always welcome.  When a harmonious working relationship is established, Gord can do his best work while keeping the ideas and feelings of the client(s) in mind.

Also of great importance is the experience and skill of the photographer and the equipment used.  Gord has an affinity for state-of-the-art equipment and loves the “toys” of his trade.  He also has many years of training in the art of portrait photography but is not afraid to try a wild and crazy novel idea.


Gord has a keen eye for symmetry and beauty and he is  adept at the more challenging outdoor photo shoots where weather and light conditions are fleeting. Photographers live to share these moments with others.


Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is akin to seizing the moment….to be able to recognize and capture a scene that will never be seen in this light, from this angle or under this particular weather condition, ever again.  

it takes a lot of mastery, patience, and a certain frame of mind to capture imagery that will really stir the viewers’ emotions and minds.

Gord always packs his camera wherever he goes because he knows a wealth of natural landscapes filled with beauty and drama are always just around the corner.  

Creative Photography and Art

If you have a unique idea, come talk to Gord.  He may be able to help you turn your dream into a reality!  

Rendering an art piece from a photograph is a very creative endeavour.  The finished piece is created by using a single or a group of good quality photographs, a vision of what the client might be pleased with, imagination and the adept use of the tools of the trade (lenses, cameras, lighting, computer software such as Adobe Photoshop and more).  The final piece is an artwork in the truest sense of the word as the “artist” is expressing their imaginative and technical skills and the end product is intended to be appreciated for beauty and for an emotional impact.  If the art piece has told a narrative, represented a reality, expressed emotion or other qualities, then the “photo artist” has succeeded.

Creativity and interpretation of the photographer are keys to progressing from photographer to artistic photographer.  

Gord loves the challenge that this work offers as it brings together technical know how, equipment, imagination and a little bit of seeing into the future!


Gord has a creative side where he puts his Photoshop skills to work.  He is a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Photographers) and works under their guidelines and uses Photoshop to create some unique photo artwork.


2020 Photography Will Consider Any Unique Project

All you have to do is ask!  Give Gord a call or send him an email to discuss what you have in mind.