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We are free-lance photographers that take on diverse photo assignments. Whether you have a standard or a very challenging project (of any scope) give us a call to discuss your needs.  We are happy to share our expertise to make your images reflect who you are and keep the memory alive for decades.  

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2020 photographic used to provide various sizes of prints, posters and other specialty products such as custom calendars, mouse pads and other products.  We no longer offer printing services unless it is by special request for certain products such as; custom designed posters or studio portraits or photo artwork.  

We have found over time that the majority of clients prefer to download the digital photo file and then they are free to share it by email, print it out themselves or have it printed elsewhere.

For this reason, we offer a single “full” digital file size to suit all possible client printing needs (i.e. the right resolution for their photo prints).  

We remind our clients that a digital photo isn’t just “pixels” but it is our creation, our art and the photo has been planned, captured and edited by us until it looks exactly as we envisioned it before posting it online.  This file is print-worthy as is.  We take great pride in our work and only offer the best photographs as digital files.  

By releasing a digital file to a customer, we relinquish control of our work.  What changes are made to the files are now beyond our reach.  Alteration of some of the following factors could lessen the quality of the original file:

In other words, please keep in mind, our digital images are READY FOR PRINT as is!
If you have any questions regarding the printing of your files, just ask us and we will
guide you as to their proper usage.  We want you to be happy with your ideas for your images.

What format are the photos in?

Most 2020 photos are taken in a RAW format and sold in a JPG or TIFF format

We can provide PNG or GIF as a special request

When do we post photo files?

We add files as they are taken, usually within 3-5 business days and old files are archived (but still purchasable by request)

Usage restrictions

Downloaded files are subject to usage restrictions. While we offer great freedoms and a wide range of usage, we do not allow the redistribution of our photos or allow them to be used within products that are mass distributed in any type of archive format.

What type of equipment does 2020 use?

We use only professional Nikon cameras and lenses which are designed for fast action, low light sporting events. At the same time this equipment is also well-suited for family, wedding, pet and commercial photography.

Photo Archives

Photos are removed from the website every 4-6 months and archived on disk for a number of years.

You may purchase an archived file upon request by contacting Gord

Digital image sizes available

Once payment is confirmed, the customer can download their choice of 3 digital file sizes. Check the online store to see which sizes are available.

Contact us if you are not sure which file size suits your purpose.

Do you have a studio?

Yes we have an indoor studio that can accommodate smaller groups of 3-6 peopel. We can also bring our green screens and lighting equipment to your location to create a temporary studio in your gymnasium or board room etc.

We are also happy to work in the best studio that nature has to offer....the great outdoors!

We Sell Digital Files

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